Collection: Managing symptoms

Pancreatic cancer can cause a range of symptoms. But there are ways to manage most symptoms, which can improve how you feel, both physically and emotionally.

Our information explains the different symptoms people may get, and how these can be managed.

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  • Blood clots in a vein and pancreatic cancer fact sheet
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  • Diabetes if you have pancreatic cancer fact sheet
  • Diary for managing fatigue
  • Diary for monitoring your diabetes
  • Diet and pancreatic cancer booklet - support with eating and digestion
  • Do you have problems digesting food? Z-card
  • Easy read: Pancreatic cancer – Treating symptoms and getting support
  • Fatigue and pancreatic cancer
  • Feeling and being sick fact sheet
  • Food and enzymes diary
  • How to look after yourself when caring for someone with pancreatic cancer
  • How to manage problems with digestion using pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT)
  • Pain and pancreatic cancer booklet
  • Pain medicines record card
  • Stents for a blocked duodenum fact sheet