Collection: For people affected by pancreatic cancer

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  • Newly Diagnosed Pack: Information about early pancreatic cancer that can be removed by surgery (operable cancer)
  • Pancreatic cancer that can be removed by surgery. A guide if you have just been diagnosed
  • Newly Diagnosed Pack: Information if you can’t have surgery to remove pancreatic cancer (inoperable cancer)
  • Pancreatic cancer if you can’t have surgery (inoperable cancer). A guide if you have just been diagnosed
  • Support for people affected by pancreatic cancer: a leaflet about our services
  • The care you should expect and receive: Patient Charter
  • Diet and pancreatic cancer booklet
  • How to manage problems with digestion using pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT)
  • Do you have problems digesting your food? Z-card
  • Caring for someone with pancreatic cancer: information for families and carers
  • How is pancreatic cancer diagnosed? fact sheet
  • Explaining the NICE Guidelines for diagnosing and managing pancreatic cancer
  • Easy read: Pancreatic cancer – What is it? How is it diagnosed?
  • Information about pancreatic cancer: Our booklets, leaflets and publications